Will HotHands keep your body warm?

The Arizona heat is finally gone, but are you really prepared for this cold?

We bought the HotHands for your feet and hands to see if it will help us enjoy this change in weather.

The ToastiToes insole foot warmer is supposed to give you up to nine hours of heat.

You just peel away the backing, stick the adhesive to your socks and in 15 to 30 minutes it should be warm.

We tried it out and it was actually warm in less than five minutes.

The package says not to place them directly on your feet, so we walked around in our slippers and in regular shoes. At the ninth hour it was actually still warm.

Next we tried the Hand Warmers.

To activate the heat you just shake the package to get up to 10 hours of heat.

We walked around with the warmers in our hands and pockets all day long. It really did work.

The foot warmers cost $9.50 for six pairs and the hand warmers were a little less at about $7 for 10 pairs.

I'd say it's definitely worth the cash because it kept me warm.

I give the Hot Hands a thumbs up.

If you have any products you'd like me to try before you spend your cash, comment on my Facebook page .

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