Whole Foods vs. Sprouts: Price comparison of store brand products

It seems like you have to be a zillionaire to eat healthy.

But, you can save if you know how to shop. That means store brand products can save you some money.

Whole Foods is known to some as "whole paycheck" but is it really that expensive? Sprouts is considered by some as more affordable for the healthy eater.

When it comes to their store brands, which store has the better price? I decided to do a little price comparing to see which one of these stores has more affordable prices.

I searched for popular products with identical ingredients. Whole Foods brand is called "365 Everyday Value" and Sprouts brand is simply, "Sprouts."

First on my brand challenge was coconut water. Both stores sell 100% coconut water in a 33.8 fluid ounce carton. Whole Foods charges $2.99 and Sprouts has the same price, so far so good.

Now for one of my favorite snacks cheese curls, yummy! Sprouts sells a 6-ounce bag for $1.99 which comes to $.31 per ounce. Whole Foods is same price, $1.99, but their bag is 7 ounces so that means their cheese curls cost less at $.28 per ounce.

I compared creamy peanut butter. Sprouts' jar cost $2.79 and Whole Foods' is the same price, but Whole Foods' jar of creamy peanut butter has two more ounces for the same price, making Whole Foods' creamy peanut butter $.02 less per ounce. Whole Foods wins this round again.

I also compared spices. I purchased store brands of 1.41 ounce jars of organic turmeric. Sprouts' cost $3.79 and Whole Foods' was a little more at $3.99. Sprouts is the winner for the spice round.

How about some organic beans? Whole Foods sells the same size can as Sprouts, 15 ounces for $1.19. At Sprouts you will pay $.10 more.  

As far as organic peas go, Whole Foods came in cheaper by $.50. Whole Foods' price is $1.99 and Spouts sells the same size, but their store brands for $2.49.

I compared a total of eight identical store brand products and in the end Whole Foods won overall. Although my sample is small, it does show that Whole Foods 365 brand is worth taking a look at and it won't break the bank.  

I was genuinely surprised and happy to see Whole Foods is more affordable on certain food items. Although the price difference was not huge, it was surprising to me that Whole Foods won.  

You can eat healthy and afford it if you think out of the box.

Take a look at the store brand products next time you are food shopping you may be able to get good quality foods at affordable prices.


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