Which is cheaper: Online or campus bookstores?

College tuition may already have you broke, but you're still not done spending cash.

You have to buy books!

So will you get the best deals online or at local bookstores?

I compared the price to rent textbooks online and at the Sun Devil Campus Store and boy was there a big difference in price.

First on the syllabus is a biology book.

You can rent the book for the semester for $64.80 at the Sun Devil Campus Store.

You'll pay about $20 less to rent the same book at chegg.com, $40.99.

I found the best price at bookrenter.com; Just $30.81.

That's more than half of what you'd pay at the Sun Devil Campus Store.

Next we checked the price of a communication textbook.

Again, the highest cost was at the Sun Devil Campus Store; $56.53 to rent the book for the semester.

You'll pay $39.49 at chegg.com.

Even cheaper at bookrenter.com, 34.18

Last book… Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications.

We keep getting the same results; Bookrenter.com has the lowest price again!

You'll pay $46.93.

The price tag is almost $40 higher at the Sun Devil Campus Store.

The cost is $94.78.

The prices don't lie... I definitely found the best deals to rent textbooks at bookrenter.com, but it doesn't mean they will be cheaper on every single book, so do your own research… your wallet will thank you.

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