Where to find the best prices on school uniforms

School uniforms are just another expense kids will need for the upcoming school year.

But you don't have to go broke buying them...you just have to know where to shop. I did the work so you can save.

Most school uniforms look the same but the price is definitely different.

I shopped stores around the valley for the best prices.

On my route...Target , Walmart and Fallas Parades , also known as Factory 2 U.


Polo shirts are first on our list and Fallas Parades takes an early lead.

You'll pay just $3.99.

Walmart has the next best price with their shirts starting at $5.97.

Target charges the most for polos, $8.


The kids can't leave the house without pants so that's next on the list.

Again Target has the highest price.

Their pants start at $14.99.

Walmart is a little cheaper charging $12.97.

My advice, stock up at Fallas Parades because you'll pay half that cost.

Their uniform pants start at $5.99 and the most expensive pair will cost you $9.99.


It's hot, so I think shorts are appropriate.

The cost at Target is $12.99.

About $4 cheaper at Walmart, $8.97.

At Fallas Parades their shorts start at $5.99.


Skirts are another option to beat the heat.

Again, Fallas Parades has the best price with their skirts ranging from $5.99 to $9.99.

Walmart is a close second, their skirts range from 8-97 to 9-97.

Target charges $14.99 for their skirts.


Finally dresses.

Fallas Parades has the best price again.

Their dresses start at $7.99, but some of their locations don't carry dresses at all.

Next in line is Walmart and they charge a dollar more, $8.97.

You'll pay nearly double that cost at Target, $16.99.


Overall, Fallas Parades has the best prices on uniforms hands down and lots of variety.

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