Where to find HOT deals on kids furniture and toys

Some of us have kids visiting for the holidays. Don't waste your cash buying toys and furniture, rent it.

There are many rental services in the Valley for baby and kid items.

I checked the prices at three popular services to see which will save you the most cash.

We looked at prices on everything from cribs, to travel systems and high chairs at Anything for Baby , My Baby Equipment Rentals and Sweet Pea Baby Rentals .

Let's start with a travel system which includes a stroller, car seat and base.

Sweet Pea Baby charges the most at $75 for up to seven days.

You'll save $15 if you rent from Anything for Baby.

But the best price is at My Baby Equipment Rentals, $55.

Babies need a place to sleep so we check the price on a full size crib.

This time Anything for Baby has the best price at $69 to rent the crib for up to 7 days.

My Baby Equipment is a little more charging $74.

And again Sweet Pea Baby has the highest price at $75.

In the end, all three rental services are pretty close on pricing and offer different delivery and set up options.

Either way it's cheaper than buying any of these items new.

For example to rent a high chair you'll pay about $40.

To buy the same type of chair you're looking at more than $100 and you have to put it together and figure out what to do with it once your visitors are gone.

So great way to enjoy your company without going broke.

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