Website helps you figure car repair costs

So many things go into fixing a car, so how do you know if a repair shop is telling you what's really wrong, or just getting more cash out of you?

I found a site that will help you figure out if you're being overcharged. It's called .

It's a free site that lets you check repair costs and helps you find shops in your area.

Just type in your car's make, model and year, plus your zip code. Then choose among dozens of fixes to get a price range for the job at shops in your area.

Let's say you need to replace your front brake pads. The estimate shows you should expect to pay between $150 and $220 and that includes parts and labor on a 2006 Nissan Altima.

You can also see what common problems other members are having with their similar model cars, so you can identify any problems with your vehicle.

Obviously repair pal won't fix your car, but at least it gives you an idea whether you are getting a fair price.

You can also download the RepairPal app to your smart phone, so it should save you time and money the next time something goes wrong with your vehicle.

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