Cook without oil? Orgreenic pans put to the test

You don't want to use too much oil trying to keep your food from sticking, so when we saw the infomercials for Orgreenic pans we had to try it out.

Many people are staying away from nonstick pans because of the PFOA toxins , but Orgreenic pans claim to be made with a non-stick natural ceramic top that is PFOA free.

But if you've cooked with stainless steel, you know food can stick and clean up can be a mess.

So we compared the two pans.

We start with hash browns.

We first tried it with no oil in our stainless steel pan and then in the Orgreenic pan.

Surprisingly the potatoes really didn't stick to either pan.

The infomercial also shows someone blowing eggs right off the pan. I couldn't believe that would actually work, so of course I tried it.

I couldn't blow the eggs off the pan, but they did fall right off.

Next we tried chicken.

With less than a teaspoon of olive oil, the chicken didn't stick at all in the Orgreenic pan.

The real test. Clean up.

We did a lot of scrubbing with the stainless steel pan after cooking without oil.

But I was shocked to see that clean up was a breeze after cooking the same food in the Orgreenic pan.

Water was all we needed.

Another claim is that the pan won't chip or flake.

And guess what, we tried scratching the pan with a metal spatula and it really didn't chip.

And here's a bonus, the Orgreenic pans have a lifetime replacement warranty.

We tried the Orgreenic pans for about a month. It definitely lived up to its claim, so I have to give it a thumbs up!

We bought the Orgreenic online and got two pans for $20 plus shipping.

We found just one pan at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20.  So after shipping and handling we ended up saving about $5 buying it online.

Still we found some people had a hard time dealing with the Orgreenic company when calling or ordering online.

So if you'd prefer to buy your pans online, try Amazon. It will cost you $27 for one pan.

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