Water Heater Depot sells remodeilng items for 50% off or more

If you love bargains and you are a do it yourself person, plus you don't mind digging for deals?

Then you need to check out Water Heater Depot near 32nd Street and Roeser in Phoenix. Don't let the name fool you. Yes, they are in the business of Water Heaters, but this place is also a liquidation store. They sell a lot of store remodeling return items from places like Home Depot and Sears. They sell door knobs, tools, lawn trimmers, doors, sinks, tubs and even blinds.

The store is small and loaded with stuff. It's not the most organized place and some items need pricing, but the folks that work there are very helpful. The savings are worth the hassle.  

Some of the deals that caught my eye were a huge box full of Hampton Bay 9-foot umbrella's for $30. They are sold "as is" but a lot of them looked brand new and untouched. At Home Depot they sell the same umbrellas (new) for $79 to $89. So, that's close to 75% savings.

If you go to the front office next to the warehouse, you can score some deals on faucets, shower head sets and random stuff like air mattresses, misters, sprinklers and A/C timers. The faucet and shower fixtures really caught my eye for their excellent pricing.

For example, they had a Moen Banbury single spray tub and shower chrome faucet set for $30. At Home Depot, that exact set will cost you $125 brand new.  They had mister hoses for $3 that sell for $10 at Home Depot.

So some really good deals if you are willing to dig for them and you're okay with items not being in their original packaging. Not all of the items I found were great deals, so make sure to take your smartphone and price compare so you can make sure you are getting the best price.

The Water Heater Depot does offer a 30 day exchange policy unless something is listed "as is."

Jim Saffon who is a great bargain shopper and loves deals informed me about this liquidation store. So I want to thank Jim for sharing this great find.  Thanks Jim you rock!

If you have any finds you can also email me at Smartshoper@abc15.com or post it on my Facebook page at Facebook.com/Smartshopper15 .

Water Heater Depot
3210 E. Roeser Rd., #11
Phoenix, AZ 85040
602 268-9098

(Closed on Monday)

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