Valley Permaculture Alliance offering free trees to bring down electric bill

Bring down your electric bill and landscape your yard for free.

The Valley Permaculture Alliance is giving away thousands of shade trees to help reduce energy bills, create a better environment and teach the community about living in the desert.

The program is for APS and SRP customers and all you have to do to get the free three to five gallon trees is complete an arborist-designed workshop.

The workshops are free and last about an hour and you’ll learn all about drought-tolerant trees, the best place to plant them and how to care for them.

The classes are ongoing throughout the year and there is a limit of two trees per home.

The Valley Permaculture Alliance is giving away the trees after the workshop on May 17. The workshops will continue throughout the summer, but the tree giveaway will halt until September since the summer is just not a good time to plant the trees.

But you can still take your workshop and pick up your tree in September.

There are several trees available for you to choose, including the Desert Willow, Willow Acacia, Thornless Palo Verde, Blue Palo Verde, Native Mesquite and Thornless Mesquite.

It would regularly cost you between $25 and $30, so this is a great deal. You will have to pick up your trees yourself, the Valley Permaculture Alliance does not deliver, nor do they plant the trees for you.

You can register for the free classes online and the actual classes are throughout the Valley.

For more details on times, locations and to register, go to the Valley Permaculture Alliance website or call (602) 535-4635, Ext. 101.


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