Use your smartphone to save and make money

You can save and even make money using your smartphone. You just have to know how to use it.

Watch TV and get paid for it with a free app called Viggle.

Once you download the app, you can check in to register whatever show you are watching.

The app will listen to your TV and you'll earn one point per minute you are checked in.

You can get more points by watching featured shows and through games and promotions.

Then you can redeem the points for gift cards and other prizes.

And one of my favorite sites has an app.

It's Retailmenot and the app pulls up coupons and coupon codes that can be used in stores or online.

Just type in the store you're looking for and voilà, coupon codes galore.

There's also an area to show you how successful others have been at using the coupon code.

The Shopkick app lets you earn points just for walking into some of your favorite stores.

They call the rewards "kicks" and all you have to do is walk into a store like Target, open the app at the entrance of the store and a few seconds later you've earned your kicks.

You can even earn kicks for scanning specific items.

The amount of kicks varies per store, per visit, but once you rack them up, you can use them for rewards like restaurant vouchers and gift cards to several stores.

Now that you have all of this money to manage … don't do it alone. has an app and I have been using it for years to manage my finances.

The app automatically tracks all of your accounts and credit cards to help you see exactly where you money is going.


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