Use your phone to scour the Sunday ads

I've been looking for a phone app that lets me take my Sunday ads with me. And I found it!  

It's so cool, it's called Flipp .

We got the help of "Mama Cheaps" blogger, Devon Weaver.

She says the app is a great way to find out what's on sale without having to sort through all those weekly sales ads.

Weaver says “you can put in zip codes or use GPS and it will pull in all the circulars for any given week.”

You can find deals at grocery stores, drug store chains, big box and department stores. You can even pick which retailers are your favorites.

Then on your smartphone you can virtually flip through the circulars, or search for an item you know you need.

That means you can look for deals on the run.

“It shows you what the price is, shows when prices are valid and all you have to do is if you want to save that ad for later you just touch it,” Weaver says.          

And when you get to your destination, pull up the store and all of the deals you chose are right there.

Essentially it makes your shopping list for you.

And there's even a feature that lets you find only the biggest discounts; it’s the discount slider.

Just drag it all the way to the right and it shows you the biggest discounted items at that store.

So toss the ads without missing the deals.

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