Use your kitchen food waste and make a great compost for your garden

Composting is a great way to get your family to eat fruits and veggies and recycle your waste from food.

Decomposing items like eggs shells, coffee grounds, newspaper, and grass clippings will turn into nutrient soil for gardening.

This is a win-win proposition. It is free, you are helping the environment, and making one of the best soils for gardening.

It is good to have a composting bin in the backyard to toss all of those waste items. Composting bins usually cost $50 and up.

However, the City of Phoenix has a great way to get a compost bin for only $5. I bought one and I love it!

The City of Phoenix composters and yard carts (constructed from damaged garbage cans) can be obtained at a city disposal facility for $5.

Call 602-262-7251 or 602-262-6598 for more information.

Download detailed instructions on how to use your City of Phoenix composter and get started.


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