Use and to help you save money

You can save money by letting your fingers do the work for you.

Technology can work to help you save on the things you need to buy. How do you know you are getting a good deal if you don't know the price range an item has sold for? Or, maybe you want to sell something on eBay. How do you know what to sell if for? is your solution. It is a free website that will allow you to find out the average price history of an item. You do not have to sign up. All you do is type in the search bar what item you are looking for. 

I did a search on a pair of Saucony Kinvara 4 running shoes. The site pulled up the average price of $45.50. That seems cheap because a lot of online retailers are selling those shoes for $89.

You can look at the raw data to see how the average price came to $45.50. You can search by ended sales or just a grid view. When I looked at the sales that had ended,  I noticed the lowest priced sale was from eBay and they were a used pair of size 7.5 that sold for $15.50.

So that sale and a few others ones really bought the average price of these shoes down. I was not interested in buying a used pair of shoes. This site really breaks it down on how they calculated the average selling price of an item. I just recently purchased a brand new pair of these for $69.

You can sort the raw data by new or used so you can really see what the average price was for a new pair.  I sorted by new and the average price for a brand new pair was around $85.00 so I got these shoes for a good price. The site comes up with an overall average price for an item. It only looks at numbers in their calculation, so often the average price for clothes or shoes can be a little off because the size you need is not factored into whether it is used or new and it carries the same weight in pricing. is a useful site whether you are looking to buy something or if you want to sell something. Overall this site gives you a range for what things are selling for on the web. You can also set a price alert from this website. You just need to sign up and that is free too. I personally think it is a very helpful site for doing research on items and it helps me know if something is a smoking deal or a dud of a deal.

You can't go shopping without a price checker. My favorite is .

You can search by barcode or typing in the search bar. It is a free app and can work on your iPhone, iPad ad android smart phones. So between these two things you should be able to save yourself some money. 

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