Use to see an Arizona Cardinals' game for a bargain price

If you want to attend an Arizona Cardinals' football game, but can't afford the price, then you might want to check out It's a search engine that will search for live venue tickets, like the NFL, NBA and concerts.

I heard about this site from a story I was watching on ABC World News. I had to do my own research and I was quite impressed.  

I did a little research on Cardinals' tickets for the October 6th game. I went to the Ticketmaster resale site for the Cardinals and found some tickets in section 122 row 37 for $107.15. On, section 122 row 16, that ticket was selling for $44.50 and that is your total cost with no other hidden fees.

I did a few more comparisons with concert tickets too. Again discovered the best priced deals.

Once you select your tickets to purchase, it will direct you to the website that is selling those tickets and you purchase them from the seller directly.

I was totally impressed with the search engine and its ability to find really good prices.

The website also rates ticket prices. All tickets that come up for sale for the venue you want have a rating scale. Green means great deal and red means not so great. Plus it comes up with a score. So, 76 out of 100 would be considered a great deal and would be color coded green.

This helps you to decide if you are getting the best price and helps you narrow down your search without you having to do all of the research.

I still highly recommend you still do a little research on your own to make sure you are a getting the best deal. 

Also, the closer the game or live venue gets the better the deal, but you do take a risk of not finding the seats you want. 

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