Use GoodRx to save on prescription medications

When it comes to purchasing medication it can really empty your wallet, especially if you do not have health insurance. Instead, use technology to help you save on those meds.

As I always say, compare prices before purchasing anything. When it comes to pricing medication, calling around from pharmacy to pharmacy can take forever, so there is an app that will help with that. It is called  GoodRx  .

GoodRx is a free app you can download on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and if you don't have any of those devices, you can go to their website .

According to Shop Smart Magazine, this prescription price comparing app was the best at finding the lowest prices on medications in your area.

All you have to do is put in the name of the medication and your city or zip code. 

Voila! You have a list of pharmacies in your area, plus the price of that medication.

We decided to try it out.

Lipitor is a popular medication used for treating high cholesterol. We typed in Lipitor and then our location (85008). You can also narrow down your search by adding dosage, so we chose 20mg.

Select how many pills you need and how far you want to travel from where you are. We chose 10 miles.

GoodRx showed price results for both the brand name, Lipitor, and the generic Atorvastatin. According to GoodRx, the lowest price you can get for the brand name is $129.90 at Walmart and the lowest price they found for the generic was $16 at Health Warehouse, a mail order. All other retail locations had the generic for $16.23.

We also compared Zoloft at 50mg, this medication is used for depression and anxiety. GoodRx showed the least expensive at Costco for $139.35 for a 30-day supply on the brand Zoloft. GoodRx also compared the generic version, which is called Sertraline, and the best price was at Rx Outreach, a mail order company, for only $9.72.

GoodRx also recommended that you can save more money by splitting the pills and that is my favorite part about this app! They provide other ways to save like coupons or by offering suggestions like ordering 40mg of a pill and splitting it in half if you normally take 20mg to help save money.

How do you save on medications? Please share! We all know the cost of buying medications can truly be a financial burden. If you have tips, post them on my Facebook page at

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