Turn your liquid soap into foam and save cash

Does it seem like you're always running out of soap?

I found a soap dispenser that is supposed to save you cash by turning your liquid soap into foam. But will it really help you save? Let me try it before you buy it.

The claim is that OGGI Soap Foamer will reduce soap consumption up to 75 percent. The instructions say to fill the bottle about a third full with mild liquid soap that does not have moisturizer. Then you add water to the bottle to about an inch below the neck, shake it up and you're ready to pump.

Right away the soap started foaming and it gives a pretty good lather. But is it really saving you any cash?

We pumped the dispenser until all of the soap was gone. It took us almost 450 pumps to empty the bottle, seems pretty impressive considering the amount of soap we used.

We then did the same thing with a regular dispenser -- we used the same amount of soap that we put into the soap foamer, shook it up and again pumped until the soap was gone.

We saw a huge difference with this modification, only getting 55 pumps out of the dispenser.

That means you would have to fill the regular dispenser eight times compared to just one time with the soap foamer.

We had to try one more thing. How about just mixing water with your soap in a regular dispenser?

We used the same amount of soap and water and we pumped 286 times before the soap ran out and we didn't get a very good lather.

We also used a regular soap dispenser with the same amount of soap to water ratio and compared it to the foam dispenser.

The OGGI Soap Foamer cost $14.95 online and I'd say it is worth the cash. I give it a thumbs up.

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