Things to avoid putting down your garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are definitely convenient, but simple things you do could cause it to break and that can break the bank.

Mike Donley with Donley Service Center says, maintaining your disposal is easy if you know what to avoid.

He says first always turn on the disposal, then cold water before putting food in the disposal.

Next you can sharpen your blades by simply putting ice cubes in the disposal, then use lemon wedges to freshen it. The blades should chop the wedges easily.

The most important steps…avoid putting certain foods in your disposal including vegetables like celery, lettuce and asparagus. Donley says stringy or starchy veggies can wrap around the blade and clog your drain.

Another culprit, stickers that you find on fruits and vegetables. Avoid putting them in your disposal as well.

Pasta and rice can also cause some damage because it expands with water, so every time you turn on the faucet it could be expanding, ultimately clogging your drain over time.  And if it doesn't clog your drain, it will fill up the disposal trap.

Egg shells are another thing you don't want to put down your drain, along with coffee grounds.

Of course you want to avoid putting grease or oil, along with bones and pits or seeds down your garbage disposal.

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