The best things to buy in January so you can save the most

January can kind of be a reality check month for some of us. The holidays deals are over and the reality of finding out how much you overspent can be a downer too.

But just because the holidays are over doesn't mean January isn't a good time to buy certain things.

I found an article by on what months are good to buy certain things in order to get the best price.

In January clothing is a hot item to buy. Clothes go on clearance after the holidays so the selection may be low, but the prices are great. Almost everyday for the past two weeks in my inbox I have received emails for sales on clothes. For example, on Thursday the Gap is offering yet another sale; it is 30% off your entire online order. In store at the Gap, you will save 40% on select items.

Of course gift cards are great to buy in January. Many people get gift cards as presents but they may not shop at the store the gift card is from. So, you sell them or trade them out. Sites like and are great sites for buying gift cards at a discount and the selection is great after holidays. A few months ago, I could never find a gift card from Dunkin' Donuts for sale on those discount gift card sites. As soon as the holidays were over, I saw those cards for sale and for a discount of 10% less than the face value.

You can find some great deals on video games during January because new games are released in late fall for the holiday season. Video games are in high demand as gifts over the holidays. So once the holidays are over, the games go on sale and you can save.

Need to get some new bedding or towels? January is your best month to save on those items. Of course you will find many sales on linens throughout the year, but history shows the best sales are in January. Recently I saw a daily deal for all bed size microfiber sheet set for $18.99. So look out for those deals this month in order to really save.

Here's something to think about as a general rule of thumb - off season often means the best time to buy. But it gets even better,  because we live in a place that can go from mildly cold to super hot. So in the winter months when a lot of states are dealing with snow, they are not thinking about buying outdoor things like bikes, grills, sport equipment or motorcycles.

So if you shop at national chains or online you can often find great deals on things like that because most states can't use them. But here in the Valley, we can because it is not common for it to snow so save instead.

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