Target vs Walmart vs OfficeMax: Which has better prices on school supplies

Back to school means lots of money out of your wallet for everything from school supplies to uniforms.

We're taking action all week long to help you save.

I shopped all around the valley to help you get ready for school and today I have a little help from Deanna Davison from Phoenix.

She said store ads can really make you believe that you will walk out with a full wallet and a basket full of supplies, but the receipt always adds up to more.


We shopped at Target, Walmart and OfficeMax.

Deanna brought along 13-year-old Jaylen and 12-year-old Danye.

Jaylen has a great attitude, she says Deanna gives her a budget for her supplies and she does her best not to go overboard.

If only all kids thought that way.

We gave Deanna a list of 12 items and sent her and the girls on a task: Show us which store will have the best prices and give you the easiest shopping experience.


Right away Jaylen and Danye found a great price on one subject notebooks at Walmart.

Their cost is $.17 for each notebook.

Target will charge a little more, $.25.

That's a much better price than you will find at OfficeMax.

I found the notebooks for $1.49.


Next on our list, BIC Crystal pens.

Again Walmart has the better price charging $1.17 for 10 pens.

Target charges $1.50 OfficeMax charges $1.99.


Deanna said she had a harder time quickly finding everything on her list at Walmart. But so far it looks like Walmart has the better prices.

But Target isn’t giving up without a fight.

Two BIC Wite-out correction tapes will cost you $2.99 at Target.

OfficeMax will charge you $3.

And this time, Walmart charges the most, $3.36 for two of the correction tapes.


Overall Walmart did have the best prices for our entire list.

Their total was $15.83.

Target came in a very close second charging $16.91.

Our cost at OfficeMax was nearly double, $33.21.


In the end, Deanna told us for such a small price difference, she would shop Target for the consistent ease of shopping.

Jaylen said she will stick with Walmart to keep her mom's wallet full.

As for OfficeMax, watch their ads for their weekly deals because you will find some good sales.

But when it comes to an entire school list we found on several occasions that Walmart and Target is less expensive than OfficeMax.


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