Swap and SAVE big on items you want

There's no need to pay full price for anything these days because there are so many ways to get things free.

Got something you no longer want? Don't toss it, swap it for something you've been waiting for.

There are several sites that let you swap with others for free.

If you like to read, try paperbackswap.com .

You can trade your old books for ones you've been waiting to read. There's no fee to join or to receive books, but you do have to pay to send out books to others.

To start, you must post 10 books you're willing to mail out and you can choose from millions of books. You can ask for one book for every one you send out.

Zwaggle.com is a good swapping site for parents who want to exchange baby stuff.

There you'll find everything from baby bedding to clothes, even toys.

The site is based on what they call zoints. You earn zoints for everything you pass along, and also for referring friends. And you use those zoints to get the things you want.

Finally swap.com has thousands of items to trade. You can swap clothes, shoes, video games, even electronics.

Again, it's a free site but just as with most swapping sites, you pay to ship items to others.

Also, swap dot com has a ratings system to help keep sellers honest. So, it's a great way to get rid of clutter and shop for what you need without going broke.

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