Smart Shopper Daphne Munro's top 3 'As Seen on TV' products

Smart Shopper Daphne Munro's shares her favorite "As Seen on TV" gadgets that actually work.

The makers of Vidalia Chop Wizard claim it will chop or dice, fruits, vegetables and more in the fastest, safest and easiest way.

Often these products just don't live up to their claims. This product did! We tested out the Vidalia Chop Wizard about two years ago and this little $20 product did exactly what it claims.

Here's how it works. Let's say you want to cut an onion. The instructions say to cut both ends of the onion, then cut it in half from the top to the bottom, remove the skin, and then we're ready to use our machine. First decide which type of cut you want. The Vidalia comes with two blades, a large dicer or small one. Place the blade you want inside on the chopper by lifting up lid and placing the blade on top of the open container. Now open the lid and place the onion, or whatever you are chopping, between lid and blade. Now close lid and press it down until your item is pushed all the way through the blade and chopped in the container. That's it!

I tried the Wizard on chopped onions, carrots, potatoes, apples and even tomatoes.

Surprisingly the Vidalia Chop Wizard worked great! What would normally take up to 30 minutes should only take you 10 using the Vidalia Chop Wizard. It really speeds up the process and makes it safer than using to knife but you still need to use it with caution.

After two years of using the exact same Vidalia, the blades are still sharp and it works just like if it was brand new. This Vidalia Chop Wizard is worth every penny.

You can pick it up at any store that sells "As Seen on TV" products. I bought mine at Target for $19.95 and just bought another for the same price two years later. Also, the little clean tool that comes with the Vidalia Chop Wizard makes cleaning safe and breeze. I still give it a thumbs up.

Have dry skin on the bottom of your foot. Often we think it is time for a pedicure, but they can get expansive.

The makers of the Ped Egg claim their product will give you beautiful smooth feet without the mess and without bending. But will it work?

We have tested the Ped Egg in the past but this new style now has a handle and therefore means no bending to get that dry skin off of your feet.

In the infomercial they claim the Ped Egg “only removes a thin layer leaving only perfectly smooth skin behind” and claims you can even use it on a balloon. So I tested the Ped Egg on a balloon and guess what it did not burst. Now for the testing on my feet.

Both myself and my producer Quita tried it out since we both have some dry skin on our feet. We both like the Ped Egg and it is very easy to use and it left our feet feeling smooth. So it lived up to that claim, but when it came to the new handle well I found myself still bending over to get to the bottom of my foot. So I do think the Ped Egg is worth the money but I don’t think it is worth spending an extra $3 for the handle. So my advice, buy the $10 Ped Egg without the handle and save yourself the money.

It is a ball and you can roll it around but its purpose is to make ice cream, but will it? I put it to the test.

It is called Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker by Yaylabs and it is pretty simple to use. The ball has two openings one on the top and the other on the bottom. On one side, you fill it with ice all the way and add ½  a cup of rock salt and close the lid tightly. Then on the other side, fill it with 16-ounces of half and half or cream, 1&1/2 teaspoons of vanilla and a 1/3 cup plus 2 tablespoons of sugar. There are other flavors and recipes included but this recipe is for vanilla ice cream.

Close the lid tightly and the fun begins! You have to move the ball around for 10 minutes and there is no electricity or batteries to keep it going, just the human touch. So you can roll it around with a friend, or get a quick arm workout by shaking it up. Once the 10 minutes are up, you need to stir the ice cream and scrape it off the sides of the cylinder. Now, on the other side of the ball, add some more ice and ¼ cup of ice rock salt. Close the lid tightly and start shaking or rolling it again for about five to 10 minutes. Once you're done, you should have about a pint of creamy homemade ice cream.

I have made about four batches of ice cream using this ball and it truly does work. I was pretty impressed with it and loved that you had to burn some calories in order to earn your treat.

This can be a great little tool for kids this summer. I will say after the 4th time of making a batch of ice cream, my arms got tired. I think it would be better to make it with friends so everyone can share in tossing or rolling it around.

I purchased it online from Amazon for $27.50 with free shipping. There are many colors to choose from and you can also buy a larger ball to make a quart of ice cream. That ball will run you around $38 to $40.

I give this product a thumbs up, it does work!

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