Save on groceries for the holidays with these great deals

PHOENIX - Shop these deals and get some great savings on your holiday groceries.


Fry's has their "Buy 10, Save $5" sale this week so you can score some great deals. If you buy 10 participating items, you will get $.50 off each item. For example, you can purchase Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup for $.99, but with your $.50 savings, that Cream of Mushroom will cost you just $.49. So make sure to look for those participating items at Fry's. Also, save on eggs, blackberries, ham, chicken breast, turkeys, and soda this week.

You can buy an 18-egg carton for $1.67 with a limit of three for that price. Six-ounce containers of blackberries are also on sale for $.99 each. Fry's has Cook's hams on sale for $1.47 per pound and boneless, skinless chicken breast for $1.67 per pound with no limit. Kroger brand whole frozen turkeys are also on sale for $.79 per pound up to a 20 pounds when you spend $25 or more. You are limited to one turkey at that price. On Saturday, Nov. 16, Fry's is having a one day sale and you can buy Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper 2-liter bottles for $.77 each, with a limit of four.

Food City

At Food City, save on avocados because you can buy five for $.99 with a limit of five. Or if you want something tropical for a good price, Food City has pineapples on sale, three pounds for $.99.


Albertsons has free $15.99 per pound Honeysuckle turkeys if you spend $100 or morem, plus clip the coupon, in their ad. If you spend $150 or more, you can get a 24 pound turkey for free. However, there is a limit of one free turkey per transaction. Albertsons is also offering double on $.50 manufacturers' coupons, triple on $.33 coupons and quadruple on $.25 coupons until Nov. 28. Save on a gallon of milk at Albertsons. You can buy a one gallon container for $1.87 each with a limit of two at that price. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a different type of dairy at Albertsons because they have Breyer's ice cream on sale. If you buy one for $6.99, you get two more for free so that comes out to $2.33 each.


Save on boneless, skinless chicken breast at Bashas' this week. They have that chicken on sale for $1.59 per pound with a limit of two packs. Bashas' is having their 3 Day Sale starting on Friday, Nov. 15, until Sunday. During that sale, you can save on a gallon of milk for $1.77 each with a limit of two when you bring in the coupon from their ad this week. Or try some avocados, four for $1 without a coupon, during their 3 Day Sale.


Score a great price on asparagus for just $1.88 per pound at Sprouts this week. Don't forget Wednesdays are your best days to shop at Sprouts because the previous week's and current week's ads overlap.


At Safeway, you can save on chicken drumsticks, thighs or leg quarters at just $.99 per pound. Also, if you spend $25 or more, you can buy an 8 to 22 pound turkey for $.79 per pound. Shank bone-in hams are on sale for $1.69 per pound at Safeway as well.

Pro's Ranch Market

Head to Pro's Ranch Market during their two-day sale starting on Wednesday, Nov. 13. During that sale, you can purchase 73 percent ground beef for $1.29 per pound. Save on chicken drumsticks all week long at Pro's Ranch Market. They are just $.77 per pound.  

You must have a turkey for Thanksgiving Day so why not get one for the best price. Fry's, Albertsons, Bashas' and Safeway are all price matching when it comes to turkeys so read your store's policy to get one for cheap.

Make sure to check your store's ads and their website for additional deals and discounts. Below are some more websites for finding coupons:

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