Save on clothes, shoes, accessories and Halloween costumes at Rag-O-Rama

There's a new resale store in town and shoppers we spoke with say they are impressed with the variety of clothes and Halloween costumes.

Rag-O-Rama opened up in Tempe about three months ago, but already they have tons of used and new clothes at some pretty good prices.

They have a whole rack where everything is half off.

I found a pair of Seven Jeans for just 10 bucks!

I also found the cutest costume for just $13.

But not everything is a screaming deal.

I found some new Halloween costumes for more than $100, a little much for one night in my opinion.

But one shopper we ran into says even though some of the stuff is a little pricey, the items are hard to find so it's worth the cash.

Overall I found several good deals in the store, everything from men's shirts to women's dresses, shoes and tanks.

And if you have clothes laying around that you no longer wear, take them in and trade them in for something you will wear.

Just remember just because you find something at a resale store doesn't mean you're getting a great bargain so do your research.

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