Save money on reusable food containers

Reuse and re-purpose things to save money. One simple and easy thing to do is don't waste your money on buying food storage containers.

Have you ever been to a restaurant and you need a container to take those leftovers home?  A lot of restaurants give you very nice and reusable containers. Once you are done with your leftovers, wash that container and store it until you need to it.

Have you ever had guest over and they want to take some of your food home? I know I love that my guests want to take home my food, but I hate to depart with my food containers I have spent money. So instead, I pull my leftover containers from a restaurant and give it to my guest to take home...and I will never miss it!

Another way to score reusable containers without spending extra money is from those rotisserie chickens you buy already made from the grocery stores. Those containers can be reused over and over, and it costs you nothing but the chicken.  

Some containers that have food you may have purchased form the grocery store. You might start looking at that jar of peanut butter a little different. As far uses, they are endless. I use a lot of these containers to store my lunch, and often folks at work think I had a gourmet lunch delivered when actually it is leftovers form last night's dinner. If I don't bring home the container, no sweat, I didn't pay for it.

If you want something with a tighter lid, check out the $.99 Only stores. They sell really cool snap-on lids storage containers for just $.99.

Just remember, think of the box and reuse what you may already have so you can save the most. 

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