Save money on protein powders, green powders, vitamins and more

PHOENIX - It sure does seem like you have to pay more money to eat healthy. That's why I was thrilled when my dad told me about . They sell all kinds of supplements, protein powders, flax seeds, vitamins, vegan foods, even dietary restricted foods, like gluten free products, plus a whole lot more.

I went to Sprouts and purchased similar items that I could order online to see how much of a savings I could get with This is what I found:

Bob's Red Mill Tapioca Fine flour 20 oz    
$2.97 (    
$3.79 (Sprouts)

Barlean's Omega Straw/Banana 16 oz    
$17.99 (    
$19.19 (Sprouts)

Jarrow Plant Protein 19 oz    
$14.59 (    
$19.99 (Sprouts)

Garden of Life Perfect Food    
$17.29 (    
$18.99 (Sprouts)

Total with shipping ($4.99)    
$57.83 (    

Total with sales tax    
$65.51 (Sprouts) did come out to be a little cheaper and that includes the $4.99 shipping charge.  Depending on what you need, your savings could be a lot more.

The downside to ordering online is you have to wait for it to arrive. I plan ahead so I seldom run out of the things I need, and therefore, I order almost everything when it comes to supplements from

If you need those supplements right away then head to your health food store but expect pay a little more, or a lot more, depending on where you shop. Either way, this is another alternative to helping you stay healthy and not completely go broke. 

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