Save money on high end designer clothes, accessories and home decor at

Save money on high end designer clothes, accessories and home décor.

Check out to save 50% to 85% off. They sell womens', mens' and kids' designer clothes plus brand name purses like Michael Kors. is a website that offers these designer labels on flash sales, which means they are usually on sale for only 36 to 72 hours. Plus you pay $4.99 for shipping, or if you spend $99 or more, you get free shipping with your order.

They have a quite a variety of high end designers. Earlier Monday, they had MAC makeup on sale, but unfortunately that sale is over. They had some savings especially when it came to MAC lipstick most of them were being sold for $13 each. The lowest price I could find elsewhere was $15.

Currently Modnique has Gucci sunglasses on sale. I did a little price comparing on a pair of Gucci G1652 sunglasses . On Modnique they are selling them for $99. On the same pair is currently selling for $165. That's a savings of $66!

I found some deals on womens' jeans on The brand Bleu Lab made in America jeans the Detour legging jeans are on sale at for $55. On a similar pair sells for $233! The cheapest pair of that style of jeans but different color I found on Neiman Marcus for $75.

Modnique also sells high end designer kids' clothes and they had some good deals. They have Tommy Hilfiger boys' jeans on sale at for $21. That was the lowest price I could find on those jeans.

If you are someone that has a preference for high end designer items then this site might help you save some money. There are some savings deals on this website.

As I always say, make sure to do your research before buying anything.

Modnique does offer 30 day to return something you don't want.


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