Save money by making your own reed diffuser

I love not having to go broke getting my house to smell clean and fresh.

If you have a small space in your home like your bathroom that you want to smell good try a reed diffuser.

I am sure you have seen them before. Usually it's in a glass jar similar to shape of a vase with sticks sticking out of it.  To buy one of those, you will usually spend around $15. For that price you can get the oils to pour in it, the reed sticks and a glass vase. Not a bad price, but I have a cheaper and more practical solution.

It is called making your own in order to save. It's so simple to make diffusers and keep your room smelling pleasant.

Items you need:

A vase or glass jar with the top part smaller than the bottom so the aroma can better travel up the reed sticks. You don’t need to go buy one, just use what you have at home. If you don’t have a glass vase jar than try your local thrift store.

¼ cup distilled water

10 to 15 reed sticks I purchase them from you can get 100 for $8.

30 drops of essential oils:

You can mix the oils to create a unique aroma. You can find recipes to use in a reed diffuser, just use Google. I use lavender, sweet orange and a tad bit of lemongrass. You can purchase essential oils from many sources and you don’t need to go broke doing it.

There are many essential oil companies on the web, so my advice, do your own research. Here is a suggestion, once you find a brand or company you want to buy your essential oils from, search Google for a review of the company or brand name.

This is great way to find out what other folks may be saying about a company or brand.  I personally buy my essential oils on


Pour all of these ingredients into the glass jar, shake it, then insert your reed sticks dip them in the essential oil for about an hour and then turn them around. It will take a bit for the aroma to travel up the sticks. Some recipes require you to use a light oil like safflower, coconut, or grape seed oil to the recipe to carry the scent up the sticks. I personally can smell the aroma without using those oils, I only use distilled water and it works for me.

Now you are done and soon that room will smell good without spending a ton of money and the aroma smell you want plus you are not using heavy perfumes instead you are using essential oils which have heeling components to them depending on which the type you choose.

After a few a weeks you can flip the reed sticks over again to refresh the aroma and add some more essential oils as it evaporates over time. It is that simple. 

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