Save money by making your own furniture cleaner for $1.10

Save money by making your own cleaners.

Try making your own furniture polish with three simple ingredients. All you need is olive oil, distilled vinegar and lemon.

I found many articles on making your own furniture polish but this one I liked the most. It cost the least and made the most sense in terms of polishing your furniture.

Oil keeps the wood moist and vinegar and lemon takes the dirt out of your wood. Plus this recipe will also take away water spots too.

Now I am not an expert cleaner so if you decide to try this recipe first try it on a spot on your wood that is not noticeable to make sure the polish won't tarnish your furniture.

Get an empty spray bottle and add the following:

2 tbsp. olive oil

1/4 cup distilled white vinegar

1/4 tsp. lemon oil or fresh lemon juice (I use a lemon and squeeze the juice)

Pour all of these ingredients into a spray bottle, shake it up then take a microfiber cloth or smooth cloth and spray your polish on finished wood. Then wipe the excess away and wipe in the direction of the grain on wood.

I did the math on what is cost me to make one bottle using this recipe. It cost me $1.10 to make this recipe and I probably can get several uses out of it. A lot less expensive then buying store bought, already made furniture polish. Plus it smells better and has only natural ingredients.

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