Save money at Valley grocery stores this week


Head to Sprouts and save on a 6-ounce container for $.88 each. You can also get some savings on red cherries for $1.88 per pound. Plus try some all natural chicken drumsticks or whole legs while you are at Sprouts for $.99 per pound. Don’t forget Wednesday is the best day to shop at Sprouts because current and previous week’s ads overlap on that day.


Wow Albertsons has a really good deal on a 12-pack of Pepsi products with 12-ounce cans for $2 each. In order to get this price you must spend a minimum of $25 and buy 5 of those 12-packs in one transaction but one of the 5 must be a 12 pack of Brisk tea so your final price for all will be $10. You can also save on a 24-pack of 16.9 ounce bottles of water at Albertsons; you will pay just $1.99 with a limit of two.  Save on 80% lean ground beef sold in three pounds for $2.49 for each pound. At Albertsons you save on red seedless grapes for $.75 per pound.

Both Albertsons and Fry's will save you on boneless skinless chicken breasts. Both stores are selling them for $1.99 per pound.


If you want green grapes head to Fry's because they them on sale for $.75 per pound. Get the grill on because Fry's has 73% lean ground beef on sale for $1.99 per pound sold in a 10 pound pack. Save on a gallon of milk while you are Fry's. You can buy that gallon for $1.88 each and get two for that price. Fry’s also has some great prices on their Mix and Match sale. You buy six qualifying products and get $.50 off each item. For example, Breyers ice cream is $2.98 buy five other participating items and that ice cream will be $2.48 instead.


Head to Bashas' and score a good price on red cherries for $1.27 per pound and you can buy up to six pounds at that price. Plus save on chicken drumsticks, thighs or leg quarters for $.88 per pound with a limit of two packs. Make your burgers with ground sirloin, because Bashas’ has it on sale for $2.98 per pound with a limit of two.


At Safeway you can save some money on chicken drumsticks, thighs and leg quarters for $.99 per pound.

Make sure to check your food store's ads and website for additional deals and coupons. Below are some more websites to help you save on that food bill

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