Save cash on groceries and have them delivered free

Groceries can really break the bank, but you have to eat! I found a way for you to get boxes of food for cheap.

The Goodie Boxes  provide affordable meals for families every month, and there are no requirements or restrictions.

Right now they are promoting their holiday box that includes a whole turkey, ham and all of the Thanksgiving fixings for just $50. I priced out the box at a regular valley grocery store and found that you're saving about $10, plus you get free delivery

They also have two types of boxes that they regularly offer… a protein box, which includes 20-25 pounds of meat, everything from chicken to turkey, even fish for just $40.

And if you want more than meat, they have that covered too. The regular Goodie Box will cost you $37 and includes meat, plus other staple items like pasta, cereal, veggies and even pizza.

There is no limit to how many boxes you can buy and you can even have the boxes delivered to you for free!

If you'd prefer to pick it up, they have locations all over the Valley, from Glendale to Mesa, so there is bound to be a location near you.

Here's how it works: You can go online  to see the menu for each month. You can order online or by phone. And for the holiday box, you can have it delivered as late as the day before Thanksgiving.

I've included the menus for this month, but you can always find them on their website. Their phone number is 602-400-8077.

So great way to save a little cash and time.


1 12-15lb Whole Turkey

1 4lb Ham

12oz Fresh Cranberries

16oz Froz Green Beans

48oz Steam n Mash Potatoes

2 Boxes Stuffing Mix

1 Bag Marshmallows

2lb Cut Yams

2 Packets Gravy Mix

1 8" Pumpkin Pie

Dinner Rolls


1 lb Ground Turkey

1 lb Ground Beef

1 Whole Chicken

1 Pkg Chicken Nuggets or Strips

1 Pkg Hot Dogs

1 lb Bacon

1 Pkg French Fries

1 Pkg Cut Green Beans

1 Pkg Spinach

1 Pkg Pasta

2 Ea Pizzas

1 Box Cereal

1 Pkg Hamburger Helper


 2 lb Ground Beef

2 lb Ground Turkey

1 Whole Chicken

2.5 lb Chicken leg quarters

1 Pkg Chicken Nuggets or Strips

1 Pkg Hot Dogs

1 lb Tilapia

1 lb Bacon



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