Save BIG money on your groceries this week

Save money on your food bill by finding out what's on sale at your Valley grocery stores.


Head over to Albertsons and score on some Quaker cereal for $1.49 per box. When you buy any six select items on sale, you will save $3 off. With that savings, a box of Life or Cap' N Crunch cereal will cost $1.49 each after savings. Save on Sanderson Farm chicken drumsticks, thighs, leg quarters or whole chickens for 99 cents per pound at Albertsons this week. Plus, in Albertsons ad, they have some coupons to help you save. You can buy Campbell's Chunky soup up to four cans for $1.25 each.


Head over to Bashas' and save on a gallon of milk for $1.67 each and with no limit. Go crazy with bananas. You can buy up to 10 pounds for 39 cents per pound at Bashas' this week. In this week's ad, Bashas' has asparagus on sale for $1.88 per pound. Unfortunately that crop got ruined after their ad went to print. To make up for that, they are offering one pound of strawberries for the same price of $1.88. Stop in at Bashas' this week on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and you can buy avocados for 25 cents each and get up to 12 at that awesome price. You can also save on pork chops at Bashas'. They have them on sale for $1.48 per pound and you can buy two packs at that price.


Buy a dozen eggs for 99 cents at Fry's this week. You can purchase two cartons at that price. Go crazy on bananas because Fry's has them on sale for 38 cents per pound. Or try some lemons; you can buy three for 88 cents at Fry's this week. You can also save on Yoplait yogurt; they have select varieties on sale for 50 cents each.

Food City

Buy four pounds of navel oranges for $1 with limit of 8 pounds at that amazing price at Food City this week. Save on 73% lean ground beef for $1.69 per pound at Food City. This deal is only good on Friday through Sunday, and you are limited to two packs at that price. Get some large tomatoes, three pounds for 99 cents with a limit of six pounds at Food City.


Save on chicken this week at Safeway. They have drumsticks, thighs or leg quarters for 99 cents per pound.


Save on all apples from Granny Smith to Gala apples at Sprouts this week. They have them on sale for just 49 cents per pound. Plus Sprouts has raw farm raised shrimp on sale for $3.99 per pound this week at Sprouts. Don't forget Wednesday's are the best days to shop at Sprouts because their previous and current week's ads overlap.

Make a list before heading to the store of the food items you need to prevent impulse buying. Plus clip or download your coupons and check your Valley grocery store's website for additional coupons and exclusive deals to get extra savings.

Here are few sites for finding coupons:

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