Save BIG money on school supplies

You see all of the ads promising phenomenal deals on school supplies.

I bought five one subject notebooks for a penny each at OfficeMax.

But does that mean you'll get great deals on everything?

I priced school supplies at Target, Walmart, Staples and OfficeMax and I was surprised at how much some items cost at one store versus another.

Remember these one subject notebooks that were a penny at OfficeMax?

Well that sale is over.

The new price is $.59 each.

And that's not the highest price I found.

Staples has the same notebooks for $.99.

That's four times more than what you'd pay at Target and Walmart.

Their price is just $.17 each.

I also compared the regular price of Crayola washable crayons.

Again big difference in cost and this time OfficeMax charges the most... $3.99 for a 24 pack.

$.50 cheaper at Staples -- $3.49.

You'll pay $2.99 at Target.

But again the best price is at Wal-Mart; $1.47 for the same crayons.

Pencils are a must so stock up at Target because they had the best price on #2 pencils.

You'll pay $1.24 for a 24 pack of pencils.

Walmart charges a little more; $1.41 for the same amount of pencils.

OfficeMax and Staples tied for third charging $2 for 24 pencils.

Next we compared prices on two inch heavy duty binders.

OfficeMax charges the most at $12.49.

$10.49 at Staples.

Save $3 at Target.  They charge $7.39 for the same binder.

In the end, Walmart killed the competition charging $5.97.

Overall, we checked prices on more than a dozen school supplies and Walmart had the best prices followed by Target.

So those penny deals and other great one item sales are worth getting, but it doesn't mean everything will be as cheap.

In fact, even with buying the penny deal on notebooks at OfficeMax they still cost the most for the items we compared.

So make your list and do your research so you can have a little money left over for school uniforms.

See complete price comparison .


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