Save BIG money on clothes and help a great cause at Fresh Start Treasures

Don’t pay retail to be stylish. We found a store that has everything you need at a great price and you are helping a great cause.

It’s called Fresh Start Treasures. All of the money made in store sales goes right back to the Fresh Start Organization. Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is a charity that is dedicated to helping women in need get back on their feet.

They have amazing resources to help women, from career development, money management skills, and personal development, all to help women in need.

In order to help fund this charity, they need money. So they receive donations of clothes, shoes, purses and even some furniture and they sell them all at Fresh Start Treasures. Boy do they have some amazing deals, and it does not feel like a thrift shop at all. Plus, they sell some of the nicest things, and merchandise from high-end designers too.  

I went to the store to check out some of their deals. Right now they are clearing out seasonal items, so suits, pants, skirts and winter jackets are all 50% off their already great price. 


An Ann Taylor suit was priced at $20 and that’s incredible, but I got 50% off which brought this almost brand new Ann Taylor suit down to just $10!


A BCBG Maxazria suit cost $30, but 50% off made it just $15 and the list goes on and on.


Keep in mind, inventory changes often, so a $20 suit you see today may not be there tomorrow. Even if they are not having a sale, they still have some incredible deals and it is all dirt cheap. Plus, no sales tax because it is a charity. How is that for a total win-win?


Store hours:
Tuesday through Friday 11 a.m.- 6 p.m., Sat. 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Fresh Start Treasures 
3949 E. Thomas Road 
Phoenix, AZ 85018

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