Save big money at Valley grocery stores this week

Save BIG money on your food bill by knowing what's on sale at Valley grocery stores this week.


Head to Bashas and save on a pint of blueberries or strawberries for $1.50 each with a limit of four. Score a good price on chicken breasts or leg quartets for $.99 per pound at Bashas, with a limit of two packs. You can score a great price on Powerade 32-ounce bottles for $.59 each and you can get 15 for that price.


Shop at Albertsons and get a gallon of milk for $1.87 each with a limit of two. Save money on Kellogg's Frosted Flakes or Post Fruity Pebbles cereal for $1.49 each with a limit of four.


You can also quench your thirst with 32-ounce bottles of Powerade for $.58 each at Fry’s this week. Also at Fry’s, you can buy a dozen eggs for $1.27 each with a limit of two.  Score a great price on cherries at Fry’s. They have Northwest Cherries on sale for $1.77 per pound. While you are at Fry’s pick some Yoplait yogurt for a good price. You can buy two for $.88.

Food City

Head to Food City and get a deal on pineapples. They have three pounds on sale for $.99 with a limit of three pineapples for that price.  Or save on whole chickens for $.88 per pound and you can buy two packages for that price. If you plan on shopping at Food City on Friday or Saturday, June 22, you will be able to get some good deals during this three day sale. For example during the sale you can buy 73% lean ground beef for $1.99 per pound and you can buy two packages for that price.


Safeway has 32-ounce Powerades on sale with coupon for $.69 each. Buy 2-liter bottles of 7-UP and A&W for $.88 each when you purchase four.  Save on a box of Life cereal at Safeway for $1.67 each.


Score a deal on grass fed beef at Sprouts this week and pay $4.99 per pound. A great deal if you prefer grass fed beef, normally that beef would cost $5.99 per pound or more. Get a good price on Northwest Cherries at Sprouts for $1.98 per pound with no limit. Don’t forget Wednesday is the best day to shop at Sprouts because their previous and currents ads overlap on that day giving you double the savings.

Make sure to check your food store's ads and website for additional deals and coupons.

Below are some more websites to help you save on that food bill




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