Save BIG by knowing when to shop

PHOENIX - Getting a good deal is not always about where you shop, you also have to know when to do it.

I found a site that lets you check for the best time to buy.

It's called .

The site collects billions of transactions to help determine when you should shop for all sorts of things, including cameras, appliances, even sports equipment.

I checked the prices on treadmills.

According to, now is the best time to buy because most treadmill prices will go down.

It's always a good time for ice cream, so why not make your own?

According to, I should wait to buy a specific Cuisinart ice cream maker because prices should go down in the next two weeks.

You can also see the price history and reviews for the products, along with where to buy it for the best price.

Another bonus is you can set a price alert to keep you posted on the latest news, including if the price drops, increases, or if a new model is coming out.

There's more. You can download the app to compare prices while you are out shopping to make sure you are getting the most savings.

The best part: the app is free.

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