Prescription glasses at for less than $10

Prescription eyeglasses can be really expensive.

Some of you told me you've spent hundreds of dollars on glasses, that weren't even stylish.

I told you about a site I've used called , where you can get frames as cheap as $6.95.

But Sherri posted another site on my Facebook page saying she spent less than 10 bucks so I had to try it out.

The site is called .

And Sherri is right, the frames are pretty inexpensive. Their cheapest frames are $4.95, but you can spend more than a hundred bucks on designer frames.

You can upload a photo to see how your glasses will look on you.

Next put in your prescription information including the type of lens you need.

The lens will cost you anywhere from $2 up to $77 depending on what type of lens you need.

After adding the cheapest lens, plus shipping, my total is about $12.

Not a bad deal… unless you need your glasses quick.

It took nearly a month for my glasses to arrive and that's after I emailed the company several times asking when I would receive them.

Still the glasses arrived with a case and a cleaning cloth for your lens. The glasses look nice and the prescription seems accurate.

So not a bad site, but just be prepared to wait for your order and make sure that you check the return policy.

I found the goggles4u site return policy much better than eyebuydirect.

Eyebuydirect states in their policy that if you receive defective eyeglasses, you can return them and they will refund the cost, minus the shipping and handling. If you decide to exchange them for a more expensive pair, you will be charged the difference. However, if you choose to exchange for a less expensive pair, you will not receive the difference. 

Seems a little unfair to me, but it is clearly stated in their return policy on their website.

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