Planting for the fall gardening season

PHOENIX - It's September and with temperatures cooling down in the Valley, it means that fall gardening season is upon us.

I decided to join in on the fun and get my hands dirty with my own garden. Luckily for me, Greg Peterson from Urban Farm here in Arizona came over to give me some tips and tricks, and even brought me my own Urban Farm Desert Planting Calendar on how to make my harvest look fresh and more importantly, delicious!

Greg stresses that healthy soil, organic mulch, and water are necessities to any successful harvest. Living in Arizona, that last one can be hard to find so be sure and hydrate your plants often.

As for the crops, Greg says to make sure you plant your seeds about 3 inches down to keep them safe from being lunch for birds and other animals.

A good trick he uses is to stick your index finger in the dirt as far down, then put the seeds in and cover it up with dirt. Another trick to keep birds and critters at bay is to cover your plants with a large sheet. Simply water the sheet until the plants have established themselves.

For other crops such as tomatoes, Greg recommends that you plant them a little deeper than normal to soak up more of the nutrients from the soil.

When preparing for this, I planned on this taking a very long time, but we were done in 15 minutes! I can't wait for my garden to sprout because I'll be getting fresh vegetables and be saving money!

For more information on Greg Peterson and his Urban Farm, visit his website at

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