Paint ceramics for a fantastic price with Ceramics at Home

If you love painting ceramics then you need to try Ceramics at Home . You can paint your ceramics at home or at their studio all for a fantastic price. 

Ceramics at Home is quite different from your typical ceramics painting studios we currently have in the Valley.
For most Valley studios you have to pay a studio fee and that ranges anywhere from $6 to $8, plus you have to pay for the item you are painting. Of course this includes firing of your finished product, plus you can use their paints and supplies.

At Ceramics at Home you can do the same thing; pick the item you want to paint at their shop and you can use all of their supplies. One difference between Ceramics at Home and other studios here in the Valley is at Ceramics at Home the pricing for their items are about 30% to 50% less than current ceramic studios in the Valley. Plus you have to pay for firing your finished product and that price depends on the items you select to paint.  It sounds complicated but it's actually pretty simple.

For example,  I selected a plate to paint at Ceramics at Home. The cost for the plate is $10 and that includes using their studio, plus their paint brushes, paint and whatever else you need to get the project done. You also have to factor in the firing cost. They have charts on each table to figure out the firing cost. If the item you selected cost $8.01 to $10 you need to add an additional $4. The most expensive firing cost will be $15 for items $30 or more. 

I did a little price comparing at one very popular Valley ceramics store. Even with the cost of firing Ceramics at Home was significantly cheaper.

I found a large mug for $4.30 at Ceramics at Home plus the firing cost will be an additional $2, so total cost is $6.30. If you went to another ceramics studio that same mug would cost you $10 for the mug and $6 to $8 for the studio fee.  In the end that mug will cost you $16 to $18 at other ceramics studios, so a huge savings.

There is more, at Ceramics at Home you can paint your ceramics at home or at their studio. Here is how the "at home" process works. You go on their website and select the item you want to paint and have it shipped to your home.

Once you're done, you will use the prepaid shipping label and ship it back to them to have it fired and then Ceramics at Home will ship it back to you. All the shipping fees are included in your order, plus it includes four different colors of paint that you select and a few brushes and cups for paint and cleaning brushes. 

So to paint that same $4.30 mug at home will cost you $12.56 and that includes shipping each way plus firing, paints and brushes. That is still cheaper than the other ceramic studios in the Valley and you did it all at home. 

I have tried out this studio a couple of times and after price comparing I think Ceramics at Home has the best prices and the most options for your dollar.

Ceramics at Home
3780 W. Happy Valley Road

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