Mighty Light claims to give you light anywhere, without wires or a switch

Does this ever happen?  You can never find the light when you need it?

The Mighty Light is supposed to solve that problem.

But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it.

The claim is that the Mighty Light is a motion activated light that you can install anywhere without wiring or drilling.

The website shows you'll need three AAA batteries to get started. Actually, you'll only need one 9V battery.

Next you have the option of mounting the mighty light or using the sticky adhesive.

Since we don't want any holes in the wall, we choose the adhesive. It was very simple to install, but not very dependable.

The Mighty Light fell down within a week. So we simply stood it up on a flat surface.

Now it's time to test the motion claim.

We tested it over and over again for nearly two months and it never failed.

You have to get pretty close to the sensor, but it definitely lights up with all nearby motion.

There are no on or off switches. But I found that you don't need one since the light works with motion.

About 30 seconds after the motion stops, the light turns off. So, you don't have to worry about the kids leaving the lights on.

You can buy the Mighty Light online or in stores for $10.

And I have to say I found it pretty convenient.

Although the sticky surface doesn't last, the Mighty Light still lives up to its claim of providing hands-free light and I think it's worth the cash.

I give the Mighty Light a thumbs up.

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