Make your own Halloween costume with items you have at home

Halloween is coming up and there are some things you can do to save on a costume.

Here are a few ideas:

Turn yourself into a shaggy dog! Use old newspapers from around the house. All you need is a lot of newspapers, an old t-shirt and leggings or fitting jeans and a hat that you don't mind getting tape all over.

You will also need double-sided tape, scissors and a little piece of red and black construction paper.

Take your newspaper open a piece up and lay it flat. Then cut vertical strips about an inch apart all across the length of the paper.

Don't cut all the way through, leave about an inch on top uncut.

You want to cut enough to completely cover the t-shirt and pants.

Once you are done put your t shirt and pants on. Take each sheet of newspaper and put the double sided tape on the part that is uncut and wrap each sheet of newspaper in layers around your clothes.

You want to create a shaggy look using the newspaper. You may need some help getting into your after you are done with wrapping paper all over them.

Do the same thing for your hat to give you a look of being covered from head to toe in shredded newspaper.

Just make sure you can see once you put the hat on. 

The red construction paper is used for the tongue. Cut the red paper in a shape of a dog tongue, then put double-sided tape on the back side of the tongue and place it on the lip of the hat. With the black piece of construction paper, roll it in a ball so it looks like a doggy's noise. Then put double-sided tape on one side of it and then place above the lip of the hat. It is always good to have a friend help to make sure the distance between tongue and nose is good.

While this is a fun costume that won't break the bank, remember to be careful with your little trick-or-treaters and any Jack-O-Lanterns or other open flames.

Instead of using newspapers to create a shaggy dog costume, try using material that is less flammable like yarn or fabric. The newspaper can be very hazardous and highly flammable, so use a material that won't burn so easily. If you decide to use fabric just make sure it is a fabric that is not so flammable, like cotton. Follow the instructions of how to make it with newspaper but instead just use fabric.

How to make the shaggy dog costume using yarn.

If you are in a pinch here's a classic costume that just about anyone should have in there house.

Go as a ghost! Take a flat bed sheet pull it over your body and have someone mark where to cut wholes for your eyes. Take the sheet off and cut out the holes for your eyes.

Then throw the sheet over your body and viola costume done. Not original but still it is a costume and did not cost much.

If you want to scare people try making a zombie costume! You can tear up old clothes and make your own bloody wounds.

To make those wounds you need to mix two tablespoons cornstarch with one tablespoon of shortening. If the mixture is too thin or sticky, add a little more cornstarch.

Throw in some food coloring like red and viola now you have your homemade wounds.

The bottom line is to think out of the box and use what you have at home when it comes to Halloween.

One other tip if you really want to buy a costume then buy it the day after Halloween and save for next year. You can save 50-percent or more! 

Caution: These ideas are money savers but please take caution to consider safety.  Both the shaggy dog and ghost costumes are flammable and could pose a risk where flames are present. These are ideas to help you think outside of the box when it comes to cost savings but safety should always be the first consideration.

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