Make an all-purpose household cleaner for $1

Making your own household cleaners can be a huge money saver and a good way to make sure there are no chemicals in your cleaners.

A recent household cleaner I found on my Smart Shopper Facebook page , Jackie from Phoenix posted a do it yourself way to make an all-natural, all-purpose cleaner solution with two simple things.Orange peels and distilled vinegar.

Vinegar is a natural cleaner alone. I call it one of my miracle liquids. Why is vinegar such an excellent cleaner? Vinegar is an acid based liquid, and when added to grease or bacteria; vinegar automatically breaks it down therefore making an excellent natural nontoxic cleaner.

When cleaning your home with vinegar, it may leave a vinegar odor and some people may not like that. By using this recipe, you still have the cleaning power of vinegar, but instead it will leave your home smelling like citrus.

The recipe I found from the Facebook Do-It-Yourself site is so simple.

Grab a large sized jar, fill it with all the way with orange peels and then pour in distilled vinegar and fill up the jar. Cover it and let it sit for two weeks. After the two weeks are up, open the jar and pour the orange vinegar liquid mixture in a spray bottle. Make sure you do not include the orange peels in the spray bottle. You just want the liquid in your spray bottle. 

Now, you should have an orange smelling all-purpose cleaner. If you want to make another batch, you can reuse the orange peels for a second time. After the second use of orange peels throw them out and start over.


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