Let hukkster search the web for great sales

Searching the web for the best deals can take forever, and sometimes you can miss a sale by just a day.

Well there's a website that will do the browsing for you. It's called hukkster .

The gist of the site is to alert you when your favorite items go on sale.

In order to use the site you have to get an invitation. It took two days for our invitation to arrive in our inbox.

Next you have to drag the "hukk it" button to your bookmarks bar and you're ready to shop.

It's pretty simple. Go to your favorite sites, choose the items you want, from appliances to clothes.

Whenever you find something you want, simply hukk it.

You can choose when to be alerted, when the item goes on sale, drops at least 25 percent or drops at least 50 percent.

As soon as the item reaches your price range, you will get an email alert.

Keep in mind, every site you use won't accept the hukkster bookmark, including Amazon.com.

But you can hukk on hundreds of sites.

So if you're willing to wait for a great price, it's a great place to start.

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