JC's 5 Star Outlet going out of business which means good deals for you

JC's 5 Star Outlet at Arizona Mills Mall is closing their store and that means great deals.

Everything in the entire store is 10 to 50% off, but most things I found were 20-30% off.

The out of business sale just started last week, so I'm sure as inventory gets lower, so will the prices.

I found racks of men's jeans for just 16 bucks compared to their regular price of $40.

Women's jeans were on sale for about 10 bucks, men's fleece hoodies were also on sale for $10 and women's dress coats were selling for $15.99.

There were also lots of deals on kid's clothes like sweatshirts for $7 or more, lots of infant 3-piece outfits and boy's dress pants for $5.59.

I even found a three pack of onesies for $4.79 and girl's canvas shoes for $3.50!

JC's 5 Star Outlet also has lots of household items they are clearing out. The price for 17x24 memory foam bathroom rugs is normally $9.99, which is a great price, but currently you can take 15% off that price which makes those memory foam rugs just $7.49.

I found some yoga mats normally priced at $6.99 but with an additional 15% off the price was $5.59, not a bad deal for a yoga mat. Usually most stores sell them for $12 and up.

I also checked out their electronics section. I did not like the current prices on some items and they were only 10% off.

They did not have a huge selection to choose from on their furniture but they did have some good deals. One large table with tile on top of it was on sale for $42. The regular price was $59.99 and it was marked down 30%

This is an out of business sale so only buy what you're going to use because all sales are final, no refunds and no exchanges.

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