Is JC Penney REALLY giving everyday low prices?

JC Penney has recently introduced what they call "fair and square pricing" in an effort to simplify their price structure while offering low prices.

So, instead of constant sales and coupons, JC Penney will have three levels of pricing: everyday, best price, (which are clearance items), and month-long value (where they discount certain themed items for a month).

I took a few common brand name items that JC Penney sells and did some price comparisons to see if you really are getting "fair pricing".

One is a Bali bra at JC Penney which sells for $22.

Before the price change, this bra sold at JC Penney for over $30.

But how does their prices compare to other stores?

I did a quick search and the lowest price I found the Bali bra online for was $25.20 from Bare Necessities.

Another item we compared? Levi's Bold Curve Boot Cut jeans. At JC Penney they come in at $45, online at the Levi's store for $50, but neither is the winning price. I have seen them at the Levi's Outlet store at Arizona Mills for $34.

Last is men's Kress style Vans shoes. 

JC Penney sells them for $45. I searched briefly online and found the next best price was $47.50 at .

I also discovered JC Penney has the exclusive rights to sell Liz Claiborne products, so Macy's is out, JC Penney's is in if you're looking for those specialty items.

I was not able to compare apples to apples on some of their Liz Claiborne purses and wallets.

I found their Liz Claiborne wallets to be a really good price, most of them are price at $16. If it is Liz Claiborne quality, I like that price.

JC Penney is definitely competitive in pricing. Make sure before you purchase anything from anywhere you do your own research and price compare.

When it comes to returns, JC Penney has a new policy.

They'll take back any item, anytime and anywhere.

I have to say I love the new signs.

I went to the JC Penney at Paradise Valley Mall and there was no second guessing on how much something costs. The signs are simple and easy to read.

Hopefully JC Penney will continue to offer fair pricing plus simple and easy shopping too.

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