Insulated, vacuum-sealed water bottles put to the test

My friend Carol gave me a water bottle made by a company called Hydro Flask for my birthday.

It is supposed to keep cold liquids, cold and hot liquids, hot.

I have been using it for about a month, and I have to say I am very impressed.

One day I accidentally left my Hydro Flask in my car all day in the parking garage.

After nine hours I went to go move it and discovered there was still ice in the bottle. So I took a sip, and the water was still ice cold. Unbelievable!

I wanted to see how the Hydro Flask would compare to other water bottles that claim to keep your beverages cold or hot.

The Hydro Flask cost about $40 with shipping. We purchased the Hydro Flask directly from their website. Their bottles range in price from $19.99 with their largest one cost $49.99.

I know Hydro Flask keeps things cold, but how does it compare to other bottles.

I bought a Thermos Vacuum Insulated bottle for $21.99 at Target and a regular stainless steel bottle for about $7 at Target.

The first test is the cold.

I put the same amount of ice and water in all three bottles.

The starting temperature was 31 degrees.

After about two hours, the water in the regular bottle was at room temperature.

I took all three bottles, left them in the car in the hot sun for another two hours, and then left them on my desk overnight.

I took the temperature of all three bottles after 24 hours and was totally surprised by the results.

The regular stainless steel bottle was at 73 degrees. My Hydro Flask was still extremely cold at 60 degrees. The Thermos still had small pieces of ice; it measured at 32 degrees after 24 hours!

I did the same test with coffee to see how long it would stay hot. The starting temperature was 143 degrees, pretty hot like coffee should be.

After 10 hours, the regular stainless steel bottle was down to 83 degrees, but the Hydro Flask was still at a pretty good temperature for coffee at 103 degrees. The Thermos Vacuum Insulated bottle was 117 degrees. Perfect coffee temperature!

I still give the Hydro Flask a thumbs up. It totally lives up to the claim of keeping things cold and hot, but the Thermos Vacuum Insulated bottle performed better with more than 24 hours of cold and 12 hours of hot and it was less money. So the Thermos Vacuum Insulated bottle also gets a thumbs up.

The Hydro Flask bottles range in price from $19.99 with their largest one costing $49.99. With shipping and tax, the water bottle we ordered total came to $40.

You can also buy it at the local Bikram studio in the Valley as well as Vans Golf and Columbia Sport wear stores. I also found both the Hydro Flask and Thermos Vacuum Insulated bottles on Amazon. 

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