How to use your computer to watch TV

You can save space by watching TV from your computer.

Have you ever heard of a TV tuner card to use in your computer?

TV tuner cards allow you to watch TV from your computer. If you have a cable connection you can plug that into your tuner card and get the same channels you would if it was plugged into a TV.

If you don't have a cable connection you can use it with a good antenna like you would on any TV.

Most flat screen monitors will display your HD signal in HD. So it is just like a flat screen HD TV, but for less money and it is attached to your computer.

The best part is the software that comes with these cards. The software allows you to also use it as a DVR or TiVo, which means you can record your TV shows or rewind the show you're watching if you miss something. So instead of paying the monthly service fee on your DVR maybe think about using a TV tuner card to record those shows onto your computer's hard drive.

You can purchase a TV tuner card from your local electronics store or go online to places like They range in price from $30 to around $80 for an HD TV tuner.

Those cards come in USB form, which would be the easiest to install because you just plug it into your computer's USB port and you can travel with it too.

TV tuner cards also come in the form of an internal card which usually cost a little less, but you need to know how to install the card inside your computer. 

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