How to save the most on plane tickets

Holidays are coming up soon, but if you don't know whether you should make your airline travel plans now or later in order to save, you can always turn to technology.

There are so many websites and apps to help you figure out when would be a good time to buy airlines tickets.

The first step is to figure out the average cost to get to your destination. You can't get the best price if you don't know what's considered good. 

Bing will help you figure out when to buy your airline tickets, and help you figure out what is a good deal on those plane tickets.

Here is how it works. On Bing I typed in my departure city, which is Phoenix, destination, which is Honolulu, and ideal travel date.

The graph labeled "fare history" is at the top of the page. So I found out those tickets for that time of travel, which is December 22nd departure and returning December 27th. The lowest fair right now is $490 and the average fare is $708.

Bing predicts the tickets will be rising by $50 and are 80 percent confident. It's a pretty helpful tool and you can also compare fares with other websites to verify this prediction. It worked for me when I went to Hawaii in July.

Another useful tool is Hotwire . Go to the site and click on Planning Tools in the top right hand corner.

On the right hand side click on Trip Starter, this will help you see when it is the best time to travel to your destination and get the best price.

You put in your departure city and destination and it will pull up last year's and the current year's ticket price history.

This is a great tool for deciding when to travel. Hotwire also offers Trip Watcher.

This little gem of a tool will help you find a good price on those tickets. You can setup price alerts and the site will email you when those prices drop.

Kayak will also allow you to set price alerts for your travel. I use this often and have those alerts set daily. Plus I love their app so you can check out current prices on the go.

Remember, the more flexible your dates, the better the chance of finding a great deal.

Don't buy anything without checking for coupons codes. Head over to sites like Retailmenot and do a search on the airline you may be using. I actually found a coupon code from Hawaiian airlines for 5-percent off the fare that I used on one of my round trip tickets to Hawaii. 

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