How to make your vegetables last longer: Store them like flowers

PHOENIX - Eat your fruits and vegetables.

We know they're good for us, but unless you buy them frozen, they can sometimes get a bit pricey. Or worse, they go bad before you can include them in your dinner.

Just like I showed you how to preserve your berries longer last week , this week I found a way to help ensure your asparagus, parsley and cilantro last longer.

One of my colleagues emailed me a wonderful article on ways to preserve your produce and make it last.

Asparagus is quite pricey right now--about $3 to $5 per pound--so if you buy it you want it to last long enough for you to use.

The key? Store them like you would flowers. It's a brilliant idea!

According to the article, trim the ends of the asparagus, cilantro or parsley cutting about an inch off. Then take a glass jar and fill it with about 1/4 of water or just enough to cover the ends completely.

Place the asparagus or herbs in the jar of water and cover them with a plastic bag. It's really important to make sure its air-tight and sealed. Then place the jar in the coldest part of your fridge.

This should keep those vegetables fresh for a week. You also have to consider how fresh the vegetables were when you purchased them from the store. If the water starts to look a little cloudy simply replace the water and make sure to keep it air-tight.

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