How to get the lowest prices on shopping, flights, hotels, even rental cars

Shopping online is a great way to price compare but how do you know you're actually finding the best deal?

I found a tool that can help.

It's called InvisibleHand and the gist of the application is to tell you when you're getting a good deal and when you're not.

First you have to install the tool and it only works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Once it's installed it stays invisible until you start shopping.

Then it shows you at the top of the screen if the item you are about to buy is the best bargain.

It compares prices on products, flights, even rental cars. Plus it lets you know if there are coupons for the sites where you are shopping.

For example, I searched Bed Bath and Beyond for a slow cooker.

Right away the top of the screen shows I can buy discounted gift cards on eBay.

When I clicked on a Cuisinart slow cooker, the cost is $59.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond .

But InvisibleHand found it for $20r less;  $39.99.

A baby gate costs $32 plus shipping at

InvisibleHand found the same gate for $35 plus free shipping.

I searched Budget for a rental car.

Right away InvisibleHand showed coupons for the site.

But InvisibleHand did not show me if I was getting the best deal on a standard car.

Overall, I'm impressed with InvisibleHand.

It's a great way to get notified when there are lower prices.

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