How much are you really saving on those daily deal websites?

We all love a good deal. That's why so many of those daily deal sites are so popular.

I did a little research and found that those deals aren't always what they seem.

I looked at offers on several sites including Groupon , LivingSocial and Moolala .

I was surprised at how much the sites claim you will save, because my research shows different.

For example, I found a vacation offer about two months ago on

The deal was to pay $75 for a three-day vacation, a savings of more than $400, but you had to buy it quick to get it... or so they said.

Funny, I found the exact same deal this week right on the company's website.

I guess you didn't have to spend that cash right away.

On they sold a Toshiba laptop refurbished for $329.99.

It showed the list price of more than $500, so it sounded like an awesome deal… except I found the same laptop at Best Buy, brand new, for $399.99.

Not a lot of savings on that refurbished laptop when you can buy a brand new one for $70 more. has a USB wall unit for $19.

The regular price is $45. That's supposedly a $26 savings!

Hmmmm... So why did I find it at several stores for much less than $45?

Bottom line, you can find some good deals on some of these daily deal sites.

Of course not as good as my Smart Shopper Deals of the Day!

Either way, don't assume because someone tells you it's a good deal that it is. Always read the fine print and do your research.

You never know, you may find an even better deal!


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